Two amazing resources for studying Biblical Koine Greek and Classical Hebrew


Today’s post is about alerting people to two outstanding online resources for studying or maintaining competency in the Biblical languages. The first site is for the study of Biblical Hebrew and is based upon Dr. Mark Futato’s teaching. The site is called “Daily Dose of Hebrew” (link: and is an incredible online resource produced by reputable scholarship.

Dr. Futato is the Robert L. Maclelland Professor of OT at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida (see his bio here: ). Each video is approximately 2-3 minutes in length and deals with an aspect of Hebrew Grammar and syntax, translation and site reading. Additionally, links to site and listings of resources are given. The premium part of the site includes 40 lessons that summarize the contents of Dr. Futato’s Hebrew Grammar (link here: ). Quite literally, one can learn the rudiments of first year Hebrew at the click of a button. The convenient feature about “Daily Dose of Hebrew” is the ability to subscribe and receive daily emails with links to the daily videos produced by Dr. Futato. This blogger recently began receiving these videos and have found them to be invaluable in maintaining the study of Biblical Hebrew in a busy family and ministry life.

A second equally valuable website is available for those studying or wanting to maintain their competency in Biblical Koine Greek. The name of this second site is similar to the first: “Daily Dose of Greek”. Dr. Robert Plummer is the featured scholar on “Daily Dose of Greek” and is a New Testament professor at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. His rank as an expert in the Greek New Testament is demonstrated by his recent collaboration with Benjamin Merkle and Andreas J. Kostenberger in the publication of the Greek grammar “Going Deeper with New Testament Greek: An Intermediate Study of the Grammar and Syntax of the New Testament” (see link here: ).

In similitude to its sister site “Daily Dose of Hebrew”, “Daily Dose of Greek” offers 2-3 minute daily videos by Dr. Plummer, special extended videos and instructional lessons that take students through the rudiments of first-year Greek. This blogger has benefited greatly from the “Daily Dose of Greek” videos delivered daily in personal email links.

Closing thoughts

For those busy in life, family or ministry, the “Daily Dose of Greek” and “Daily Dose of Hebrew” sites make it feasible to “keep-up” with one’s Biblical languages or to begin learning them.




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By the grace of God I was converted to saving faith in Jesus Christ at the age of 10 and called into the Gospel ministry by age 17. Through the Lord's grace I completed a Bachelors in Bible at Lancaster Bible College in 1996 and have been married to my beautiful wife since that same year. We have been blessed with four children, ranging from 7-18 years of age. In 2002 the Lord enabled me to complete a Master of Arts in Christian Thought at Biblical Theological Seminary, Hatfield PA. For nearly 25 years I have been preaching and teaching God's Word and have been studying the original languages since 1994. In 2016 God called my family and me to move to begin a pastorate at a wonderful Southern Baptist Congregation here in Northern New York.
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