Your invitation to listen to a new podcast

Romans 10:17 “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” (NKJV)


Your Personal invitation

Today’s post is an invitation to readers to try out the new Growing Christian Resources Podcast Here is the link to the most recently posted podcast on “Why the Trinity is Important”: are the links to the two most recent episodes:


Here are two other links to the two prior episodes for readers who may be interested in “Defining the Gospel” and “Understanding God’s Will”:


Why am I starting to podcast? 

The reason for podcasting is to get the Word out. Whenever the Word of God is taught, preached or communicated, the Holy Spirit does His work of either converting sinners or strengthening saints. The vision for “gcr podcast” is: To equip readers with the practical, doctrinal and supernatural tools they need for daily life to the glory of God. The plan, Lord willing, is for the podcast to be a weekly program, with new episodes and transcripts available every Friday. My prayer is that the podcast, in addition to this blogsite and the other blogsite ( will prove useful in advancing God’s Kingdom to the glory of Jesus Christ. 


About pastormahlon

By the grace of God I was converted to saving faith in Jesus Christ at the age of 10 and called into the Gospel ministry by age 17. Through the Lord's grace I completed a Bachelors in Bible at Lancaster Bible College in 1996 and have been married to my beautiful wife since that same year. We have been blessed with four children, ranging from 7-18 years of age. In 2002 the Lord enabled me to complete a Master of Arts in Christian Thought at Biblical Theological Seminary, Hatfield PA. For nearly 25 years I have been preaching and teaching God's Word and have been studying the original languages since 1994. In 2016 God called my family and me to move to begin a pastorate at a wonderful Southern Baptist Congregation here in Northern New York.
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