P4 Psalm 19:2b God’s glory in His general revelation through the stars

Psalm 19:2bAnd night to night reveals knowledge.

Introduction and Review:

We are aiming to work through the entire text of Psalm 19:1-6 for the purposes of discovering the glory of God in what is called “general revelation”. General revelation is how God makes known His invisible nature and power through the universe, human conscience or life itself. (compare Romans 1:18-31; 2:15) Thus far we have seen the wonder of galaxies and the extraordinary red spot of Jupiter in our explorations.  Today’s post will cover specifically David’s statement in Psalm 19:2b of how God is revealing things about Himself in the night sky. Thus we will consider, like in the other posts of this series, the text of Psalm 19:2b itself, along with something from the realm of astronomy, with some final thoughts and considerations.

The testimony of the stars

According to the Psalmist, the amount of information being communicated in the stars, galaxies and heavenly bodies in a typical night is truly astonishing.  The Apostle Paul notes this about the stars and differing heavenly bodies in 1 Corinthians 15:41 “There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars; for star differs from star in glory.” Paul’s statement is remarkable in that he recognizes the differences that exist between the sun, moon and stars. Such distinctions are stated generally in the scripture and made more detailed through astronomical observations. Far from being just distance pinpricks of light, stars differ from one another just like snow flakes.  A star’s light contains an immense amount of data.

Astronomers study what are called “light spectra” to determine different features of the stars they are observing. Below are samples of light spectra from either stars or distant galaxies.

What may look like black bands with colorful bands represent to the astronomer a wealth of information. For one thing, in the light we gather in those spectra, we can discern such factors as the star’s temperature, chemical make-up, size, speed through the interstellar medium, stage of development, whether or not it is in gravitational relationship with another star or black hole, whether or not a planet is revolving around it and other bits of information.

Just as the Psalmist writes, knowledge is continually coming to us in the night sky.  As astronomers have observed millions and billions of stars, they have devised a classification system that traces a star’s Divinely designed development (what secular astronomers term “evolution”) and rate of chemical and temperature change. Such a chart that Astronomers use is called the “Hertzsprung/Russell Diagram and is pictured below:

The entire chart is based upon two general factors: the star’s temperature, expressed in colors ranging from red to blue and luminosity, describing each star’s brightness in comparison to one another if they were viewed from the same distance. The fact that God would so design the universe to not only be discoverable but discernible with regards to its patterns and constants tells us that He is very interested in revealing His glory to us.  To get more information from a Biblical and scientific perspective on how God uses the stars to declare his glory, the reader is invited to consider this reputable link: https://answersingenesis.org/astronomy/stars/the-stars-of-heaven-confirm-biblical-creation/

Psalm 19:2b …And night to night reveals knowledge.

When you study the text of Psalm 19:2b in the original language, you discover that quite literally, the night sky is announcing in an orderly fashion all the information about the God who created everything in the universe. I can recall living in Florida and having experienced a hurricane’s storm path through the area in which we dwelled.  Electricity had been knocked out for over a 100 mile radius and the night time was pitch black.  I had never been able to see more than 100 stars due to the light pollution that floods much of our North American continent.  However on the second night following the storm, I decided to walk outside to get some fresh air.  The clouds had finally parted and for the first time, and only time in my entire life, I got to see the Milky Way Galaxy – stretching like a diamond tennis bracelet across the velvet blackness of space.  The photo (not taken by me) below gives a sample of what I saw that night:

I can recall staring for hours-on-end at the sky. Truly what David must had seen night after night, tending his flocks of sheep in his days as a youth was brought back to remembrance as the Holy Spirit inspired his words.

Closing thoughts to today’s post

Truly what God reveals through the stars and the night sky is only a small potion of the glory that is His being, character and power.  That fact it takes an entire universe of over 75 billion light years across and composed of over an estimated 100 billion galaxies to simply point us to the glory of God tells us how great the God of Biblical revelation truly is. To God be the glory!

More next time….


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  1. Abby says:

    Pastor, You might like this song. I love it. It has some great space photos in the video.

    “Nobody Like You” Paul Wilbur https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwlMG1y2i2o


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