Ancient Advent Mediation #2 Augustine: How the Wisdom of God healed man

Introduction:                                                                                                                                    Augustine is considered by many to be one of the greatest of the early church fathers.  Without a doubt it is amazing to consider how much he wrote on all matters pertaining to Bible doctrine, theology and philosophy (some 120 or so books in all)! Though there may very well be some things that Augustine wrote that might prove disagreeable, nonetheless God used him to shape the minds of other great Christian writers.  Truly there is no one alive today who has not been touched directly or indirectly by Augustine’s thought.

Concerning today’s ancient advent mediation, the reading comes from a work that Augustine wrote entitled: “On Christian Doctrine in Four Books”.  The editor and translator of that work writes this helpful introductory sentence: “The four books of St. Augustine On Christian Doctrine (De Doctrina Christiana, iv libri) are a compendium of exegetical theology to guide the reader in the understanding and interpretation of the Sacred Scriptures, according to the analogy of faith. The first three books were written a.d.397; the fourth was added 426.”                                                                                      

These series of blogs are aimed to introduce the modern reader to ancient Christian writers who wrote significant pieces on the virgin birth and nativity of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thankfully the website has available the entire text of Augustine’s works and all the early church fathers, which I encourage every Christian to check out in the links provided in this post.

The purpose is to simply aid the Christian community in focusing on the true meaning of this Christmas season, which is more properly termed “Advent” (a word which means “coming”). Christ came the first time to be the Savior of all men, especially those who believe. (1 Timothy 4:10). The excerpt below is taken from Book One, Chapter 14 and is entitled by Augustine: “How the Wisdom of God Healed man”. May these blogposts encourage and edify the reader in thinking more deeply on the grandeur of our Lord, Savior and Treasure – Jesus Christ.

Augustine: Book 1 of  “On Christian Doctrine in 4 Books”, chapter 14 – “How the Wisdom of God healed man”

“Moreover, as the use of remedies is the way to health, so this remedy took up sinners to heal and restore them. And just as surgeons, when they bind up wounds, do it not in a slovenly way, but carefully, that there may be a certain degree of neatness in the binding, in addition to its mere usefulness, so our medicine, Wisdom, was by His assumption of humanity adapted to our wounds, curing some of them by their opposites, some of them by their likes. And just as he who ministers to a bodily hurt in some cases applies contraries, as cold to hot, moist to dry, etc., and in other cases applies likes, as a round cloth to a round wound, or an oblong cloth to an oblong wound, and does not fit the same bandage to all limbs, but puts like to like; in the same way the Wisdom of God in healing man has applied Himself to his cure, being Himself healer and medicine both in one.

Seeing, then, that man fell through pride, He restored him through humility. We were ensnared by the wisdom of the serpent: we are set free by the foolishness of God. Moreover, just as the former was called wisdom, but was in reality the folly of those who despised God, so the latter is called foolishness, but is true wisdom in those who overcome the devil. We used our immortality so badly as to incur the penalty of death: Christ used His mortality so well as to restore us to life.

The disease was brought in through a woman’s corrupted soul: the remedy came through a woman’s virgin body. To the same class of opposite remedies it belongs, that our vices are cured by the example of His virtues. On the other hand, the following are, as it were, bandages made in the same shape as the limbs and wounds to which they are applied: He was born of a woman to deliver us who fell through a woman: He came as a man to save us who are men, as a mortal to save us who are mortals, by death to save us who were dead. And those who can follow out the matter more fully, who are not hurried on by the necessity of carrying out a set undertaking, will find many other points of instruction in considering the remedies, whether opposites or likes, employed in the medicine of Christianity.”                                                                                                                                

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By the grace of God I was converted to saving faith in Jesus Christ at the age of 10 and called into the Gospel ministry by age 17. Through the Lord's grace I completed a Bachelors in Bible at Lancaster Bible College in 1996 and have been married to my beautiful wife since that same year. We have been blessed with four children, ranging from 7-18 years of age. In 2002 the Lord enabled me to complete a Master of Arts in Christian Thought at Biblical Theological Seminary, Hatfield PA. For nearly 25 years I have been preaching and teaching God's Word and have been studying the original languages since 1994. In 2016 God called my family and me to move to begin a pastorate at a wonderful Southern Baptist Congregation here in Northern New York.
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